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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning...

We are often asked why lavender? To be honest, I see why the question comes up, we live in the heart of cattle country. After moving to our farm, we began to investigate whether we should raise livestock or grow crops. At my suggestion of lavender, Scott looked at me with a bit of skepticism and asked, why lavender? I gave my elevator pitch, but it wasn’t until we visited Lavender Lake Farms (no longer a lavender farm) in Independence, Oregon, that Scott was convinced. Working in the farm shop that day was Don Roberts, well-known plant geneticist. He graciously spent the next hour discussing growing lavender and the idea took ‘seed!’

On the plane home, we drafted a long-term plan for our lavender farm. Optimal growth requirements included full sun on the lavender field for at least 10 hours a day, well-drained soil with a minimum pH of 6.5. Realizing it would take a few years to get our first plants in the ground, investing in research, preparing our field, and observing best practices at several successful lavender farms kept us busy.

Spring 2017 found us with our sleeves rolled up ready to plant! We brought 622 plants home in a moving truck, the sweet smell of lavender on the 6-hour return trip was intoxicating and exciting! We had no tractor, but we had dreams, determination...and a farm implement to mound the rows we called Mighty Mounder. I think my father would have said we ‘put the cart before the horse’ but we figured we could rent a tractor to solve the problem, and that’s exactly what we did!

Unprecedented heat the week we planted didn’t deter us...or the growth of the new plants! I attribute their progress to the endless repertoire of songs my sister, Robin, sang as we placed them in their new homes. Although we’ve added additional plants in the years since, nothing compares to the memories made that first year.

Mighty Mounder arrives at Lavender Rhapsody
Our first baby lavender plants
Mighty Mounder hard at work
Practicing the hole burning technique in landscape material
Robin and I plant the last one!
The first summer’s growth!

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  • Sherry Heavin

    This makes my heart so happy! What a beautiful plan came together here. Your story is almost as amazing as you are yourself.

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