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Bouquets and Buds, Oh, my!

Our drying room, located in our basement, is full of beautiful lavender bundles. The aroma of drying lavender permeates our home, keeping the two of us in a constant state of relaxation...not! No time to relax just yet! Visitors frequently ask, what do you do with all the lavender bundles?

We create lovely bouquets from many of our bundles. Fragrant bouquets visually enhance home decor. Bouquets displayed in tablescapes, dry vases, wall sconces, near photo frames, or atop a stack of books create eye-catching designs. Pull out a few sprigs to tuck into a napkin ring for a beautiful place setting, the possibilities are endless. Placing your lavender in a dry area, out of direct sunlight, is helpful in retaining the beauty for years to come.

Lavender buds are also removed from many of our dried bundles and used in our hand-crafted products. We gently remove buds by hand, rolling between gloved fingers. Next, buds are sifted through a series of strainers to remove as many stem and leaf pieces as possible. Cleaned lavender buds retain their scent for years, making sachets, eye pillows or potpourri wonderful gifts for years to come. 

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