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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your farm open to the public?
We are open to the public and invite visitors to our farm during our Bloom Season in June. 

What kind of lavender do you grow?
We grow 14 varieties at Lavender Rhapsody. Our varieties include Lavandula angustifolia, often called English Lavender: Betty's Blue, Buena Vista, Hidcote, Folgate, Melissa, Munstead and Royal Velvet. Our Lavandula x intermedia: Dilly, Dilly, Gros Bleu, Grosso, Provence, Sensational, Sussex and Super.  We are excited to add 5 new varities spring 2024!

When does the lavender bloom?
Our lavender typically blooms mid-May into July.

Can we cut our own lavender?
Visit our U-Pick page to learn if there are any upcoming opportunities. And watch for upcoming announcements on Facebook and Instagram.

Why should I buy your products?
Our products are handcrafted in small batches right here on the farm. We use natural, responsibly sourced ingredients. You can be assured each item has been created with care.

Do you have bees at your farm?
Yes, we have bee hives along with a lot of native bees working hard in the plants all summer.

Can we take pictures of your farm?
We hope you take lots of pictures and enjoy the natural beauty of the farm. Photos can be taken when we are open during regular hours. If you capture a photo you love, and share on social media, kindly tag us - Lavender Rhapsody.

If you are a professional photographer, receiving payment for your work, please contact us to inquire about scheduling a photo shoot in the lavender fields from mid-June to early July. A site fee applies.