At Lavender Rhapsody, our story is grounded in our farming origins and a shared passion for nature.

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Hi there, we're Scott and Cathy!

Both of us grew up on farms, and even though we stepped away from farm life for a period of time for careers and families, returning to our roots was a shared dream. 

In 2006, when we joined our lives together, we made a big change and bought 40 acres of land in central Missouri.

We wanted to do something special with our land, something that would honor our farming roots. That's when we visited a lavender farm in Oregon and felt inspired. We fell in love with the idea of growing lavender—it's not just beautiful, it also has a calming, soothing effect that we knew others would enjoy too.


Our farm is named after the powerful emotional experience we had standing in front of a lavender field for the first time. We notice our customers share the same excitement when they experience our farm every summer. The lavender field evokes a strong emotional response—like a beautiful piece of music. It's where we finally feel at home, and we hope others can feel the same way too.

Our lavender farm is located just 45 minutes southeast of Jefferson City, Missouri in Bland.

Lavender can…

Support sleep

Some studies suggest lavender can improve your body’s melatonin levels, supporting a better night’s rest.

Reduce pain and inflammation

Research has shown that lavender essential oil can reduce headache pain.

Help with mood, anxiety, and depression

Lavender is known to calm the nervous system, lift the mood, and even lower blood pressure.

Kill harmful viruses and bacteria

Before antiseptics, people used lavender to clean hospital wards. It is still used for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Our mission at Lavender Rhapsody is twofold: 

We aim to provide our customers with a taste of rural life's beauty while offering lavender products that capture the essence of our farm. Whether you're wandering through our lavender fields or browsing our website, we want you to immerse yourself in a slice of our rhapsody.

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Rooted in love and respect for family, friends, customers, and the environment,

our core values guide everything we do.

Without a doubt, our customers are at the heart of our efforts, inspiring us every step of the way. We pour our hearts into every aspect of our work, whether it's crafting products, participating in events, or welcoming fellow lavender lovers to our farm. We provide natural products our customers can trust. We are always happy to share our knowledge and expertise about the benefits of lavender with our customers.

we are proud members of

United States Lavender Growers Association

An association formed to support and promote the United States Lavender industry and allows a collective voice for lavender growers and those interested in, or doing business with, lavender in the United States.

Buy Missouri

An economic development initiative to actively promote products grown, manufactured, processed, and/or made in Missouri.

Missouri Grown

A program of the Department of Agriculture. Connects producers to consumers and consumers to agriculture in Missouri.