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Lavender Field Photography Tips

Photo credit:marilynnlangstonimages

Picture a lavender field, beautiful purple spikes dancing gently in the breeze, the intoxicating scent of lavender tickling your nose. The perfect setting for gorgeous selfies, or photos of your friends and family, and May is National Photography Month. Whether you are a ‘plan-ahead’ or an ‘in-the-moment’’ amateur photographer who loves using your smartphone to catch photos of day-to-day life, we have some tips to help make your photos in the lavender field spectacular.

What Should I Wear?
The lavender field in June is usually sunny and hot, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit. Breathable fabrics, light and airy, rather than heavy layers or dark colors that absorb the heat work best. We recommend comfort first.

We are often asked, “What color is best to wear for photos in lavender?” Many colors compliment the soft, violet hues of a lavender field; muted pales, pastel colors, whites, creams, earthy tones, and lavender on lavender looks amazing.  Long, flowy sundresses and light blouses moving in the breeze create a dreamy, bohemian look. Accessorize with a trendy floppy hat, flower crown, delicate jewelry or a lavender bouquet; the smallest of details add a romantic and whimsical feel to your photo.

Whatever you choose to wear, be comfortable from head to toes and have fun! We suggest you wear something you love that makes you feel wonderful. Your smile and happiness will shine and make your photo spectacular.

Photo credit: RobinRogers
What Are Some Interesting Poses?
Again, just a smile and sheer happiness will make your photo fantastic, but we have learned there are a few poses our guests recommend to enhance the interest of their photos.  Why not try a few of these:
  • Sit on the ground between the rows.  To add a romantic effect, include a few out-of-focus lavender branches in the foreground.
  • If you brought a hat, snap a few photos with your hat on, and a few holding your hat in front of you.
  • Pose with a lavender bouquet, take close ups of your hands and flowers. How about an overhead shot of the bouquet against a blanket or jacket laid on the ground?
  • Skip through the rows alone, with that special someone, family member or friend.  Capture a photo holding hands.
  • Have someone take an overhead shot with the perspective of the entire field behind you, or stand facing the entire field.
  • Sit in one of the Adirondack chairs near the field.  Have someone capture you and the lavender field.
  • Aim your face toward the sun and smile! Nature tends to bring out the best in us!

Taking Great Phone Photos  
(source: Digital Branding Institute)
Your smartphone is your best friend in the lavender field. You probably already have one and have used the camera app many times.  We’ve learned a few tips to take awesome photos with your smartphone.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the quality of your mobile shots is to turn on gridlines. Gridlines help balance the shot by placing lines on your screen based on the rule of thirds, a composition principle stating a photo should be divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically.  If you line up the subject of the photo along the lines or at an intersection, your photo will seem more balanced.  You can turn on gridlines in the settings of your phone.

Cleaning the lens so it’s free of lint and fingerprint smudges will create sharper images. Using a lens cloth and cleaner will keep your lens clean and allow you to take photos that are clear.  Even the tiniest fingerprint smudge can result in a hazy photo that cannot be edited after the photo has been taken.

Taking photos from different angles can result in interesting shots. How about capturing a few from a bird’s eye view or low angle shots from the ground by lying on your back (we highly recommend this in the lavender field).  Try crouching over and shooting at an angle even with the tops of the lavender plants.  Use the portrait mode to create a depth-of-field photo; we love capturing a sprig of lavender with sharp focus and a blurred background.  Our lavender grows in straight lines making your shot, whether in portrait or landscape mode, beautiful.  

Predicting the weather can be tricky in the summer, but you can take advantage of sunny and overcast days.  Beautiful, sunny days produce great landscape shots but may not always be best for portraits.  An overcast day creates softer photos without shadows and keeps your friends from squinting in the brightness.

Photo credit:marilynnlangstonimages

Nice to Know Information
Our lavender is located where it grows best, in a field with no shade. Keep that in mind as you prepare to come, the addition of a hat, bug spray, sunscreen, and bottle of water will make your time in the flowers more enjoyable.

There is incredible pollinator life in our lavender fields during bloom season.  It is common to see several varieties of butterflies and bees all sharing their love of lavender. You will find them buzzing plant-to-plant gathering nectar and pollen.  Keep in mind, if you are afraid or are allergic, you may want to snap your photos from a distance.

Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit to Lavender Rhapsody.  We welcome in-the-moment photography of plants, people and subjects that capture the story of your visit; informal photos taken spontaneously with your smartphone or camera. There are so many places to snap a beautiful photo in the field, but if you need some inspiration, look for the small photo opp flags posted around the field.  We’ve picked out some great spots to take a selfie or two. We would love it if you share your photos of our lavender farm on social media, and if you do, please tag us!  

*If you are a professional photographer receiving payment for your work, please contact us to inquire about scheduling a photo shoot in the lavender field from mid-June to early July as a site fee applies.


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